The curriculum for living is a model of transformative learning. The Breakthrough Life Programs enables to directly address and impact one’s own performance. Participants learn that performance is a function of their own work habits. Learn to create new possibilities and make them happen. Experience a direct and immediate difference in realizing your goals in the areas that matter most to you

  • Consciously control the outcomes of your hard work by your thought process and actions.
  • Unveil the “true meaning” of your life and translate the insight into a compelling vision.
  • Create solid plans that holds the power to transform your life for better.
  • Create powerful goals with your higher intelligence guidance which will be well-trained to overcome self-limiting beliefs and fears.
  • Willing to take new risks and changes in life with a calm mind.
  • Being grateful for all life’s experiences – right from ordinary to extraordinary.
  • Being grateful to all the experiences in life ranging from ordinary to extraordinary.
  • Find out the secret of success, which is handy to few, by being willing to welcome change.
  • Learn the value of celebrating victories (big or small) which will assure future success. Learning how not to binge in boasting yourself will serve to master the way of getting rid of guilt forever.
  • Learn to identify the unique purpose in your life and to mold your life to serve and fulfil it.
  • Learn the secrets of altering your attitude and beliefs from “I can’t” to “I can” solution model.
  • Convert your inner critic into your inner coach.

From time to time people have wondered why reading is important. Reading is fundamental to function in today's society. Today, owing to technology advancement and social media, students fail to concentrate continuously. Curriculum for learning and reading skills is a genuine system to help the youth to boost their learning and reading skills. Consequently, their academic pressure reduces leading to better results.

  • Improves concentration and grasping levels.
  • Ensures 400% increase in reading speed.
  • Boosts the ability to retain information.
  • Rooting the fact the information management is all about dealing with the human brain which is the manager of the information.
  • Ideal to stay ahead of latest trends and evolving ideas by assisting to grasp the gist of a book in 3-5 minutes.
  • Improves productivity by identifying and retention of key points in just 10 minutes.
  • Stay updated by comprehending books 3 to 18 times faster than earlier.
  • Efficiently helps to process, understand and recollect more information by the Super-Fast Reading Whole mind system on any subject.


  • Learning to express naturally and easily and create a difference
  • Identify the two main modes of communication and transform each into an empowered one
  • Identify the power of listening and learn to alter once listening to bring about a new change in one' s communication towards life and self
  • Identify the word to world model and its difference from world to word
  • Develop the ability to relate at different levels and to transform communication to create once desired results
  • Learning to bring about a change in the way one leads life and create a possibility to achieve ones goals through communication

Leadership curriculum is an authentic expressive project to develop rudimentary leadership skills in communication, facilitation, teamwork and learning to welcome the good changes for a betterment in life. It has been carefully formulated to prepare for success in real leadership positions and to initiate volunteering for the welfare of the society.

  • Learn from where to start your journey for a more successful life.
  • How to motivate yourself while being encircled by negative people.
  • How to start and successfully complete the overwhelming big projects.
  • Being focused and consistent amidst distractions from home and workplace.
  • How to stay prepared and seize the opportunity to rise steeply in your life.
  • How to derive fun and fulfilment in everything you do.
  • Ensures curing of migraine, depression and spread liveliness.
  • How to learn new skills at easy using principles.
  • How to regain lost friends and relationships.
  • How to envoy work that robs you of valuable time and to leverage your time and talent.
  • How to motivate the staffs to work as a team cohesively and be more pleasant and productive.
  • How to make your team more self-sufficient and self-reliant to deal with emergencies on their own.